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VFF Cup (Vietnam)

2010DPR KoreaSingapore
2007Uzbekistan U23Finland U23
2005Vietnam U23Thailand U23
2004Porto BVietnam

VFF SonHa Cup 2010
Tarikh Kejohanan: November 2-6, 2010
Venue: MyDinh Stadium, Hanoi
Pasukan: Vietnam, DPR Korea, Korea Republic U23, Singapore
Hadiah Wang Tunai:
  • Johan: USD20,000
  • Naib Juara: USD10,000
  • Tempat Ketiga: USD5,000
Pos. PasukanPMSKJBPGMata
1.DPR Korea32105247
3.Korea Republic U2331113304
November 2, 2010 (Selasa);Singapore1-2DPR Korea

Vietnam0-2Korea RepublicU23
November 4, 2010 (Khamis)DPR Korea1-1Korea Republic U23

November 6, 2010 (Sabtu)Singapore2-0Korea Republic U23

Vietnam0-2DPR Korea

1,000 Thang Long-Hanoi Cup 2010
Champions: US$20,000
Runner-up: US410,000
Third Place: US$5,000

Pos. PasukanPMSKJBPGMata
1.North Korea (Johan)32102027
3.Australia U2331112114
4.Kuwait U23301204-41
September 20, 2010 (Isnin);North Korea1-0Australia U23

Vietnam3-0Kuwait U23
September 22, 2010 (Rabu)Kuwait U230-1North Korea

Australia U232-0Vietnam
September 24, 2010 (Jumaat)Kuwait U230-0Australia U23

Vietnam0-0North Korea

T&T Cup (formerly Agribank Cup) Vietnam
In 2008 the tournament was renamed as the T&T Cup due to changes in sponsorship.

FF-Smartdoor Cup in Hanoi from 5-9 November 2009
Following the sponsorship deal which was signed recently between VFF and Smart Door, the tournament which was formerly known as the Agribank Cup, will now have a change in name.

The annual football tournament has been organised since 2004.

For this year’s meet, U23 teams Vietnam, Thailand, China and Singapore will be taking part in a round-robin format at Hanoi's My Dinh National Stadium.

The winners will receive USD25,000 with the second and the third teams earning USD10,000 and USD5,000 respectively.

VFF Smartdoor Cup 2009:
Pos. PasukanPMSKJBPGMata
1.Vietnam U23321041+37
2.China U2331115504
3.Thailand U2330303303
4.Singapore U23301214-31
November 5, 2009China U232-2Thailand U23

Vietnam U231-0Singapore U23
November 7, 2009Singapore U231-1Thailand U23

China U231-3Vietnam U23
November 9, 2009Singapore U230-2China U23

Vietnam U230-0Thailand U23

T&T Cup (Agribank Cup) 2008
Date : Okt 28 - Nov 1 2008
Team :
Vietnam, Thailand, North Korea
Final : Vietnam 2-2 Thailand (moved to Nov 16 due to heavy rain)

Prize Money : Champions - $40,000, runners up - $20,000, third - $10,000

Agribank Cup 2007
Date : Nov 1- 5 2007
Team :
Uzbekistan U23,
Finland U23,
Vietnam U23,
Zimbabwe U23
Prize Money : Champions - $40,000, runners up - $20,000, third - $10,000

Agribank Cup 2006
Date : Okt 25 - 29 2006
Team :
New Zealand B-team (called New Zealand A),
Thailand the Asian Games squad (U-23 with 3 overage players),
Bahrain U-21

2nd Agribank Cup 2005
1.Vietnam U23330042+29
2.Thailand U23320132+16
3.Japan U20310254+13
4.Malaysia U23300306-60

Prize Money : Champions - $40,000, runners up - $20,000, third - $10,000

My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam
Okt 26 2005Thailand U232-0Japan U20

Vietnam U231-0Malaysia U23
Okt 28 2005Vietnam U232-1Thailand U23

Japan U204-0Malaysia U23
Okt 30 2005Thailand U231-0Malaysia U23

Japan U201-2Vietnam U23

Agribank Cup 2004
Date : Sept 22 - 26 2004
Venue : My Dinh National Stadium
Team :
FC Porto B - Reserve team of Portuguese club side
Santa Cruz F.C. - Brazilian club side (from Recife)
Thailand XI - Selection of players from Thailand Premier League
Vietnam - National Team
Prize Money : Champions - USD 30,000, runners up - USD 20,000, third - USD 5,000

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